– *The Sabbadius 68 Funky-Vibe version:
Is the one that’s started all, this version is like the early 1968 Uni-Vibe made by Honey UNICORD and is the most popular because is the version that Jimi Hendrix suppose to used. It has faster speed than the 69 and FILLMORE EAST and the pulse throb is more intense at faster speeds.

*The Sabbadius 69 Funky-Vibe version:
Is the one made by Shin-ei Companion in Japan in 1969 when Honey UNICORD company get in a bankrup so this Japanese company started making them and changed some inside components that make the sound slighty different compared with the 1968 Uni-Vibe. This version was the one used by David Gilmour and Robin Trower on the 70s. The sound is more “round” and more chewy sound in CHORUS mode than the 68 version in my opinion.

*The Sabbadius FILLMORE EAST Special Edition version:
When Honey UNICORD get in bankruptcy and switched to Shin-ei Companion there where some parts used in the 1968 and some other in 1969 that were mixed, so this version is a mix of the 68 & 69 and a plus for this version is that the FILLMORE EAST has 7mm CUSTOM MADE for Sabbadius Electronics photocells that gives to the sound in my opinion some kind of “MOJO”. This version is more intense and chewy than the 68 & 69 version.

*The Sabbadius WOODSTOCK Funky-Vibe version:
The SABBADIUS WOODSTOCK Funky-Vibe version has more control in the SPEED knob that goes from really SLOW SPEEDS to crazy FAST SPEEDS to hit all the parameters a SPEED knob needs to cover in a Uni-Vibe type pedal.
The New 2022 7mm CdS Photocells CUSTOM-MADE for SABBADIUS will increase the throb INTENSITY in all aspects and you are going to feel that swirling sound that JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCED with the original Uni-Vibe he used.


If you want to save your place in the waiting list you have to make 100% payment in advance and confirm you can wait at least 90 days to have your pedal ready to send, the pedal can be before that days, 90 days is like a top time for wait.

The 4 versions are awesome, really 3D underwater sound and slightly different tones that are not easy to notice.

You will get what you need and don’t be disappointed if you get any of these 4 versions.

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