The JIMI Fuzz is inspired in the Fuzz used by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock and Axis Bold As Love Album, this fuzz recreates the sound of Jimi Hendrix at that era.
The JIMI Fuzz is NOT a Fuzz Face clone, it uses silicon transistors for a more stable sound compared to germanium transistors. You can get those bright and warm sounds that can easily cut through the mix and can be controlled using your VOLUME Knob from your guitar.
The sound of the JIMI Fuzz knob interact with your pick or fingers attack and can also be used for chords as it doesn’t get too messy.
Setting the Fuzz Knob at 7 for that “Spanish Castle Magic” sound, after that number you will get that explosive and massive fuzz sound for that Foxy Lady (Foxey Lady) at WOODSTOCK this means that will change drastically depending on the input volume (so just with rolling back your guitar’s volume you can get a completely different sound) or your playing dynamics. The JIMI Fuzz has a high input impedance that avoids the loading of your instrument pickups and preserving its original sound, with a combination of PNP and NPN silicon transistors.
The JIMI Fuzz has only 2 knobs:
Drive: Amount of Fuzz (RIGHT KNOB)
Volume: Control the amount of volume. (LEFT KNOB)
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