1988 Austin Texas Fuzz

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A fuzz pedal based in the Cesar Diaz Square Face used by Stevie Ray Vaughan.
The SABBADIUS 1988 Austin Texas Fuzz is a fuzz effect pedal inspired by one of the Most influential Texas Blues Guitar Player in the world, the one and only STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN (SRV).
SRV tended to prefer clean tones and natural tube-amp overdrive, but in 1988 he added an original Sixties Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face pedal to his rig when he became obsessed with emulating Jimi Hendrix’s signature sounds. Unfortunately, the Fuzz Face’s germanium transistors were extremely unreliable when exposed to hot stage lights or the sun during outdoor gigs. Stevie collected several Fuzz Face pedals, and he would try several during sound check to choose the one he thought sounded best that particular day. Eventually, he got tired of the unreliable transistors in his Fuzz Face pedals so he had them modified by his amp tech César Diaz, who later used the modifications as the basis for the Diaz Texas Square Face pedal.
In the earliest Diaz Square face Fuzz used NTE 103 NPN Germanium transistors, then he decided to put transistor sockets in the PCB and includes 2 MID-LOW gain Silicon transistors by NTE for more gain and more glassy tones like the NTE123AP or 2N4401 NPN Silicon Transistors.
So YES,the SABBADIUS 1988 Austin Texas Fuzz is a Silicon Transistor type of fuzz.

The SABBADIUS 1988 Austin Texas Fuzz has a few features that makes this Fuzz pedal Unique on the market today, it has a knob called “WAH WAH TRICK” that allows you to make this Fuzz a “Wah Wah friendly”, this means that you can use this fuzz pedal with a wah wah without have that annoying coupler-like noise that makes fuzz pedals not compatible with wah wah pedals and you won’t be able to make your wah wah sound or module like it should. You can place the SABBADIUS 1988 Austin Texas Fuzz before or after wah a wah pedal and use this knob “WAH WAH TRICK” to set the correct position so that noise disappears. Another thing to keep in mind when using SABBADIUS 1988 Austin Texas Fuzz is that if you don’t want to use a wah wah with the fuzz, you can use the “WAH WAH TRICK” as a “Fuzz cleaner”, this means that can clean up a bit of the “fizziness” from the fuzz and will convert the Fuzz in a kind SRV glassy tones everyone wants to get similar to an Overdrive pedal. You can place the FUZZ, OUTPUT, WAH WAH TRICK knobs all the way up and lower the volume of your guitar to clean your tone like the fuzz effect is OFF.

The fuzz knob is a CUSTOM MADE potentiometer made for SABBADIUS Electronics with a special curve to have the best control on a fuzz pedal from 0 to 9, giving you the ability to use the full potential of the knob range thus giving more control of the FUZZ.
The SABBADIUS 1988 Austin Texas Fuzz pedal has three named controls:

The OUTPUT knob controls the volume of the fuzz.

The FUZZ knob controls the amount of FUZZ that is added to the sound. This control can also
be manipulated by the guitar’s volume control.

SAY WHAT…!, a BIAS control in a Silicon Fuzz, why?
I decided to add this control outside the PCB so people can get more custom tones and sounds playing with the voltage that controls the Q2.

The WAH WAH TRICK knob lets you use a Wah-Wah pedal effect with the fuzz. In several
Fuzz models with the wah wah pedal cannot be used because it makes a nasty noise when
the sweep of the same is used or the Wah Wah effect does not appear thus losing the modulation effect. With this control it is possible to change the fuzz sound before or after the wah wah, thus producing an original wah-wah sound and fuzz together and modulate to perfection. This function can be activated or disabled to control and generate “fizziness” in the FUZZ effect or to use it as a booster. It is an excellent pedal for guitar with single coil and Humbuckers pickups.

100% True Bypass Mechanical Footswitch
Power: 9 VDC battery or DC 9v-100mA volt NEGATIVE center power supply.

Since all Sabbadius products are completely manufactured and assembled by hand, they may have one or another scratch or chip on the paint, keep this in mind as some enclosures may have these small damages to the paint or cabinet, this does not mean that the product is broken or damaged since if the product leaves the Sabbadius laboratory it is because it works perfectly 100%, claims of this nature are not valid. Thank you very much for understanding.

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