The SABBADIUS TORO ARGENTINO OVERDRIVE It is an Overdrive pedal made in homage to our 3rd. Soccer World Cup game in 2022 and only 20 units were made for those collectors who love soccer as well as music.

The is a pedal based on the well-known Tubescreamers but with much more output impulse, with the characteristic tube sound and the classic “GLASSY TONES” of Texas Blues thanks to its NOS (New Old Stock) TOSHIBA 1S1588 diodes for the clipping .

The controls are 3:
VOLUME: Controls the Output Volume of the effect.
DRIVE: With this control you give the amount of Drive (Saturation) to the effect which
makes it one of the main versatile characteristics of this pedal. From Min. To Max. You go
through a lot of sounds and colors changes and sustain.
TONE: This control the tone of the effect that tints from the lowest and warmest tones to
the most screeching and glassy tones that mixing with the DRIVE knob you can obtain
incredible results.
It is a 100% Handmade pedal in Córdoba Argentina with 3PDT (True Bypass) mechanical
This pedal can be powered with a 9 Volt battery which is housed behind the 3PDT between
the Footswitch and the back base plate where it says BAT. It can also be powered with a
regulated and stabilized 9 Volt-100mA (2.1mm NEGATIVE CENTER PIN) Like BOSS pedals.
Length: 120mm x Width 90mm (including input and output Jacks)
Height: 55mm (Including knobs and kickstands)
Weight: 380grs. Approx.
Enclosure Material: 100% Aluminum.