B.O.B (Boost Of Boosters)


Manufactured on the same platform (PCB) as the Sabbadius Mr. White, the new B.O.B “Boost Of Boosters” is born.
You came up with a booster effect pedal with 3 different types of clipping to give you more nuances and dynamics when looking for a unique sound to your style or interpretation. With B.O.B you will achieve clean, saturated and crystalline sounds to be used simply alone or accompanying an overdrive, fuzz or distortion pedal.

The B.O.B´pedal has the following modes and features:

Clipping Modes:

Using NOS (New Old Stock) Toshiba 1s1588 Diodes will give you saturated and crystal tones. To reach that saturated tones you have to put the DIRT knob all the way up to make these diodes roar.

With 2 Crystal clear Red LED´s you will have a lot of volume and using this type of clipping you can push your clean sound with more headroom than the Silicon Clipping.

Equipped with NOS Japanese Matsushita (Unkown code) Rare Germanium Diodes you will have a very nice warm and dirty sound, the advantage of this clipping is that you will get that grit in all positions using the DIRT knob allowing you to make your sound scream at low settings. Maybe you heard that in the Klon Centaur pedal you have to set the “GAIN” at Max to really hear that clipping magic from the Klon… well in the B.O.B pedal you will have that Clipping in all DIRT knob position giving you more versatyle dynamics and uses.


DIRT Knob:
This knob allows you to give more or less “dirt” to your sound. Is the one that interact with the clipping modes.

controls the volume of the pedal.

To set the type of clipping you want.


– You can feed this pedal using a 9v battery or 9v 50mA (NEGATIVE CENTER PIN) Isolated Power Supply.
– 100% True Bypass.
– All hand Made and welded one by one.
– All analog device.
– All Hand Made wired.

Since all Sabbadius products are completely manufactured and assembled by hand, they may have one or another scratch or chip on the paint, keep this in mind as some enclosures may have these small damages to the paint or cabinet, this does not mean that the product is broken or damaged since if the product leaves the Sabbadius laboratory it is because it works perfectly 100%, claims of this nature are not valid. Thank you very much for understanding.