Rocktavia (Inspired by Randy Hansen)

Inspired by Randy Hansen


The Rocktavia is an analog effect pedal with a 100% TRUE BYPASS mechanical footswitch, high octaves and fuzz.
The Rocktavia is a pedal that was requested from Sabbadius Electronics by guitarist Randy Hansen who is the most recognized guitarist in the Hendrix family for his tribute.
Sabbadius Electronics established a relationship with artist Randy Hansen in early 2022 when he became a user of the Tiny-Vibe version 68, the Rainbow Fuzz and now the Rocktavia, a name inspired by Randy Hansen himself!

Starting at fret 7, it is raised an octave further apart from the original note. With the tone control of the guitar in a low position and the neck pickup gives more octave. In position 7 of the Drive command the octave begins to sound with just a little fuzz and thus a very "grainy" fuzz sound appears. This pedal is in the style of Roger Mayer Octavia, which has been used by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Joe Satriani, Steve Vay among others. Its power can be a 9 volt battery or a source with a 9 volt 100mA NEGATIVE center polarity Color: Aqua green

Measurements: 120mm long x 80mm wide x 40mm high.

Approx. weight: 375gr.

Since all Sabbadius products are completely manufactured and assembled by hand, they may have one or another scratch or chip on the paint, keep this in mind as some enclosures may have these small damages to the paint or cabinet, this does not mean that the product is broken or damaged since if the product leaves the Sabbadius laboratory it is because it works perfectly 100%, claims of this nature are not valid. Thank you very much for understanding.